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Hello, writerly friends~ ♥︎

You asked for a Writing Advice Masterpost, so here it is! Below you will find a collection of the best questions and answers from the last two years. Not only that, but they are also organized so you can find the answers to your questions quickly and get on with writing.

But wait, there is more!

This post is more than just a collection of advice, it’s a nexus for writing advice, resources, and information! That’s right, this post is going to grow over time. I will be updating this masterpost WEEKLY with new answers, writing advice videos, playlists, and more! So, make sure to bookmark this page and follow my blog ( so you don’t miss a thing~ ♥︎


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Writing Tip - Plotting a Series


If you are planning to write a series, it is important to write the first book as a stand-alone novel. If you don’t, you will place too much emphasis on scenes and characters that only become important as the series progresses.

It is frustrating, as a writing teacher, to help an author who tells me, ‘It will make sense in the next book.’ The problem is, that if it doesn’t make sense now, I won’t even finish the current book. Readers who get confused have lots of other options, including many well-written and well-plotted books, to occupy their time.

Finish Book One and make sure your readers feel as if they have read a complete story. We know that a good book leaves some questions unanswered and some possibilities open. These leave the door open for your series. 

If I have been entertained in the world you’ve created and the story you’ve told in your first book, I will be eager to spend money on your next book. 

Writers Write has spent years perfecting our creative writing course to help writers understand the basics of writing a good first book. Send an email to for more details on the course.

by Amanda Patterson

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Top Reasons To Query Literary Agents Before Moving On To "Plan B" - Writer's Relief, Inc.


There are many paths to publishing these days—through online E-presses, self-publishing, print on demand, and independent or university-affiliated publishing houses. But most of the writers who come to Writer’s Relief dream of being among the small percentage of authors who publish their book with traditional publishing houses, like Penguin, Random House, or Hachette. We are often asked “Why does Writer’s Relief query literary agents before publishing houses?

To get the answer, we first have to offer a quick overview of agent-editor relationships.