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What if Dogs Wrote Classic Novels?


The greatest things in the world are, in no particular order, dogs and books. Groucho Marx put it best: “outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”

But what if you could multiply the best-frienditude and put adorable canines in literature?! Or,…

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Anonymous asked: How can I make my writing sound less... boring? I also have trouble with using the same words over again, so on one page the same word describes the same action twice or more.


Let’s look at what might make your writing boring:

  • Style: If your writing reads as “this happened and then this happened and then this happened”, if you’re not rewriting anything to improve it, or if you’re using redundancies, your style is the problem. There is a style tag on my tags page that can help you with this, but you can also look at the description tag.
  • Plot: Sometimes the plot can be boring without the story being boring, but the characters need to be superb in those stories. If your story is not heavily character driven, your plot can’t be boring. Make sure there are risks. Let your characters lose every now and then. Make it interesting. The plot and plot development tags on the tags page can help with this.
  • Too Much Detail: Unless it’s important, you don’t need to describe your characters making breakfast or getting dressed. It adds too much unnecessary detail. Ask someone to read over your writing. Have them highlight or underline everything they skip over or have them mark the places where they start to skip parts of writing. Get rid of those parts or rewrite them.
  • Pacing: If you have slow pacing where slow pacing is not needed, the writing will come off as boring. Too much description and too slow of a transition from one idea or event to the next can slow down your pacing. For tips on this, check the tags page for the pacing tag.
  • Long Paragraphs or Long Sentences: If most of your writing is a string of long sentences and long paragraphs, it can come off as boring. Add some variety in sentence length. Make sure paragraphs aren’t too long. People tend to get bored when a long paragraph is coming up.
  • Too Formal: Creative writing does not have to exist within the rules of academic writing. You can start sentences with “because” and you can write a paragraph that is only one word long. Mix it up. Find your writing style.
  • No Devices: Try using metaphors, similes, foreshadowing, allusion, symbolism, and other literary devices to deepen your writing.
  • Glue Words: This ties in with style. Glue words are words that can be taken out of the sentence without losing meaning. They’re words like: on, out, up, through, after, before, in, but, the, etc. Instead of “He came into the room through the door.” you can say “He came into the room.”
  • Character: It’s easier to write a boring story if you write in first person because the reader is then closer to this character. If a character has a boring voice, the story will be boring. Check the style and voice tag for help with this.

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Making Sure Your Plot Works


When you’re in the middle of writing a story, it can be hard to make sure that everything you’re including fits or connects into a coherent plot. Although many writers save these plotting problems for the editing phase, it can be useful to tackle them early on.

Here are…

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